There is no denying that jealousy takes many forms. In virtually every corner of everyday life, one has the potential to look at someone unfavorably, simply because they have something that the other does not. That is the pure definition of jealousy. However, there are so many reasons why we can envy those around us. Maybe we are jealous of the person that someone is dating. Maybe we are jealous of the way someone looks, or the car that someone’s driving. The following photos show jealousy in a variety of forms. What is the one thing they all have in common? They are funny and brutally honest.

The Ultimate Depiction Of Jealousy

If there was ever a photo that encapsulates jealousy the most, then it’s this iconic photo of Sophia Loren staring at the chest of fellow celebrity Jayne Mansfield. And although it might appear that Loren was incredibly jealous of Mansfield, she actually had very unexpected feelings at the time.

“She knew everyone was watching,” Loren claimed. In fact, she later revealed that she wasn’t jealous at all, and was simply impressed that everything managed to stay in place.

Don’t Even Look At Her

Sometimes, the best method to handle one’s jealousy is by making things as uncomfortable for your boyfriend as possible. There are even times when this can be detrimental to his health and safety.

Take this young lady, for example, who felt compelled to cover her boyfriend’s eyes while another woman walked in front of them. Sure, he might end up getting run over while crossing the road. But hey, at least he died without cheating on his girlfriend.

It’s Uncanny

Sometimes, people can see the funny side of jealousy and poke fun at it many years later. Decades after that iconic Sophia Loren/Jayne Mansfield photo was taken, another pair of celebrities decided to reenact the image to put their own comedic spin on it.

While it’s unclear if the photo is as genuine as the original, Modern Family stars Julie Bowen and Sophia Vergara are certainly convincing, creating the illusion that the former is jealous of the latter.

That’s Not Fair!

So you think you have what it takes to find the perfect woman? You’re well groomed, got tons of personality and charm. You even have tons of money to your name. However, all of those winning factors go out the window when man’s best friend arrives on the scene.

This guy was lost for words when he saw that one of his friends was getting all of the attention, simply by showing off his tiny dog. Now that’s barking mad.

How Dare You Upstage Me?

Even when they are beloved by millions of fans for their looks, a celebrity can still get jealous of other people who threaten to upstage them at the crucial moment. This happened when Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez were sitting next to fellow Spring Breakers co-star Ashley Benson.

The photo suggests that some serious body envy is going on between the co-stars. At the very least, it’s clear that Vanessa Hudgens is thoroughly impressed with Benson’s look.

It’s My Birthday Too, You Know

When you’re a child and you see another kid getting a birthday cake at the restaurant you’re having dinner at, you can’t help but feel just a little bit jealous of all the attention they’re getting. However, what happens when it’s your birthday too and no one’s giving you attention?

This is exactly what happened when this birthday girl turned around and saw the guy behind her getting birthday love instead of her.

Prom Photobomb

Prom can be a classic stage for hundreds of high school students getting jealous of each other at the final opportunity before they move onto the next stage of their lives. If one young lady upstages you and your friends, we wouldn’t be surprised if you tried to do something drastic to ruin things a little for them.

So what ended up happening when this prom queen had a photo with one of her best friends? That’s right – she got photobombed by a jealous person.

There’s Always A Bigger Fish

They say that size doesn’t matter. However, there are some situations where that is simply not the case. People definitely do think that size matters in certain scenarios. The following photo is a classic example of when it does, at least for some individuals.

When the one guy caught his first fish ever, he was brought back down to earth when his friend ended up catching a fish that was gigantic in comparison. There’s always a bigger fish…

Golden Eyeballs

When you are one of the most famous soccer players in the world, you are bound to get your fair share of fans. However, someone as famous as David Beckham might also become a fan of other people – like this cheerleader at a basketball game.

The former Real Madrid star thought that he had gotten away with getting a little peek at the woman cheering in front of him. Little did he know though that wife Victoria was right there next to him…

Comic Con Artist

It should be no surprise that there are plenty of jealous individuals at conventions where cosplay is the name of the game. If you have spent months and tons of money on an audacious costume for Comic Con, only to be upstaged by someone at the event, then it makes sense if you feel at least a bit jealous.

This young lady, who dressed up as April O’Neil from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlesfranchise, made one guy extremely envious.

Bad Gal Riri

It’s becoming a recurring pattern, but as you can see, many celebrities can be jealous of each other, depending on the situation. Similar to the Loren/Mansfield classic, Rihanna couldn’t help but get a glimpse of fellow pop star Nicki Minaj during an awards ceremony.

Even someone as beloved as Bad Gal Riri can get a little jealous every once in a while. When someone like Nicki Minaj bursts onto the scene with her larger-than-life outfits, expect some green eyes.

No One Remembers Second Place

Out of all the times that tennis stars Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic have played each other on the international stage, it’s the Serbian maverick who has come out on top more often than not. While sports should breed a healthy competitiveness amongst their elite, it’s clear who the jealous one is in this photo.

Second place is an achievement in itself, but it is clear here that Murray isn’t interested in it at this moment in time.

Woof Woof! Get Your Hands Off Her!

In many relationships, it’s perfectly natural for a pet to be an honorary third wheel more often than not. You could be sitting there, smooching away with your loved one and all of a sudden, your pet will burst onto the scene and start licking both of your faces.

However, it seems like this little hound is ultra-protective of his owner and needs to give approval of her new boyfriend if they stand any chance of lasting.

It Should’ve Been Me

There’s nothing more tragic than a love triangle that sees an individual tear two best friends apart. It’s a classic story trope that has been used in shows such as Friends and How I Met Your Mother.

However, there’s nothing that quite compares to the real-life scenario where one friend can’t help but feel jealous about the relationship blossoming between his best friend and this young lady. Either she’s not good enough for him, or he wants her instead.

Who’s The Jealous One?

Sometimes, jealousy can manifest itself in more than one person at the same time. When Jennifer Aniston and ex Justin Theroux were at a party a couple of years ago, the latter couldn’t bare to see his lady speaking to another man.

As a result, the actor butted into their conversation, changed the subject, and gave the mystery guy the evil eyes. Sure enough, Aniston and Theroux ended up parting ways shortly after. That’s all, folks!

Either He Goes Or I Go!

While dogs are incredibly loyal, they will show their true colors if they feel like their love is being threatened by some sort of intruder. Take this hound, for example, who immediately thought he was being replaced when the owner got him a cuddly toy that looked just like him.

Just like humans, dogs can get jealous, and if you ever put your pooch in this situation, that loyalty will certainly be tested!

Party’s Over

Sometimes, the most trivial things can make a party fall apart, and before you know it, everyone’s being sent home at 10pm. Normally when this happens, it’s because some neighbors have called the cops. However, this specific situation was kind of different.

One young lady couldn’t take her eyes off one of her co-students and in a fit of jealous rage, she told everyone to put down their drinks and go back home. Talk about a kill-joy!

Baby Got Bus

One of the classic places where you’ll catch jealous eyes from every corner is a public bus. Wherever you look on this mode of public transport, there are bound to be people who can’t help but envy those around them.

In a tight space, this sort of behavior is bound to happen and the following photo clearly demonstrates this. This lady couldn’t help but look at the woman standing in front of her, and all she could think was this: ‘Dear God, why not me?’

Survival Of The Fittest

Not everyone is interested in keeping fit. For those who do though, not everyone is able to maintain a high level of fitness even if they try really hard. Everyone has a unique body that operates in its own unique way.

The following photo clearly demonstrates this. Some people find running a very natural activity. While others are more inclined to ride a bicycle along the very same promenade. Whatever you do though, don’t worry about other people’s progress. Just do your thing.

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